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Programme of Events

8.00 am Ridden Hunters
8.30 am
Clear Round Jumping
9.00 am Light Horses in Hand
9.00 am Working Hunter Ponies
9.30 am Dressage N28
10.00 am In Hand Ponies followed by M & M
10.00 am Show Jumping Classes
10.30 am
Sheep judging
Dressage P14
10.30 am
followed by Veterans
12.30 pm Presentation to Stock and Crop Competition Winners
1.00 pm M & M Working Hunter Ponies
1.00 pm Retrained Racehorses In Hand followed by Ridden
1.15 pm Ridden Hunter Championship
1.30 pm
Overall Hunter Championship
Novelty Dog Show followed by Terrier Racing
1.45 pm Supreme Horse Championship
2.00 pm Parade of Foxhounds
2.15  pm Parade of Vintage Vehicles


All of the above times are approximate and the committee reserve the right to make amendments to programme.