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Stock & Crop Competition

The Stock and Crop Competiton is held annually and is open to all farmers in the Borders.  The competition is not about the best farm but judged on individual fields and groups of stocks.

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Best Field of Sheep 3rd Malcolm Stewart Judge
  2nd Steven Turnbull Andrew Elliot
W T Sandilands Cup 1st Alan Cowens  
Best Field of Cows 3rd James McCorquodale Judge
  2nd Adam Crockett Bruce Hogg
Crailinghall Cup 1st Alan Cowens  
Best Field of Grazing Cattle 3rd Roy Marshall Judge
  2nd Graham Dagg Bruce Hogg
Charles Scott Salver 1st James Allen  
Best Field of Winter Barley 3rd Mertoun Estate Judge
  2nd Graham Dagg Keith Maxwell
Nelson Cup 1st Robert Bruce  
Best Field of Spring Barley 3rd Guy & Hugo Lee Judge 
  2nd Ron Shaw Hugh Fleming
Sked Cup 1st Douglas Younger  
Best Field of Wheat 3rd Kenny Hislop Judge
  2nd Robert Bruce Les Anderson
Baywood Cup 1st Graham Dagg  
Best Field of Oats 3rd Ross McAulay Judge
  2nd Jamie Tweedie Matt Richardson
Wm Laidlaw Cup 1st Donald Maxwell  
Best Field of OSR 3rd Stuart Nimmo Judge
  2nd Roy Marshall Andrew Milne
Bibby Cup 1st Robert Bruce  
Best Field of Grass 3rd Tom Stewart Judge
  2nd Grant Todd George Neill
John Dun Cup 1st Ron Shaw  
Best Crop Est without Plough 3rd Donald Maxwell (Beans) Judge
  2nd Roy Marshall (OSR) Andrew Milne
  1st James McCorquodale (Wheat)  
Best Field of Winter Ploughing 3rd Brian Richardson Judge
  2nd Jock Telford Tom Laing
W M Dodds Ltd Cup 1st  Paul Gilchrist  
Vintage Tractors 3rd Kerr Renwick - Case Judge
  2nd George Riddell - E27N Andrew Cunningham
  1st Bob Wardhaugh - Leyland  
Stationary Engines 3rd Andrew Hogarth  Judge
  2nd Paul Hogarth Andrew Cunningham
  1st  Billy Chisholm - Lister  
Best Agricultural Exhibit      
Morridgehall Cup   Bob Wardhaugh - Leyland  
    Robert Bruce  
Sponsors   Agrii Alexander Inglis
    Agrimart Dodds of Haddington
    John Watson (Seeds) Trevor Jackson
    W M Dodds Ltd Waverley Farm Contracts
    Carrs Billington Scotmin
    Lloyds NFU
    Tarff Davidsons Animal Feeds